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Products & Services

Event Planning : Prices vary based on size of event, location and other functions. For some non-profit groups, the service can done for free. Please contact for further details.

My previous responsibilities included:

  • Created the idea for an annual wellness event; solely led the development and planning.
  • Solicited prospective businesses across NB to take part in wellness fair through online research, social media, attending related public fairs, and collecting business cards at stores and businesses in major cities.
  • Managed promotions for event including website, e-flyers, printed flyers, name cards, coupons, banner in front of Fredericton City Hall, radio ads, social media sharing, contacting stores to sell event tickets and collecting sales, distributing name cards to local businesses, email campaign.
  • Updated website database on a regular basis for each new vender that was added.
  • Managed all expenditures and fees for the event.
  • Worked with a partner who was the graphic designer and booth layout planner.
  • Arranged live musical entertainment, and food and beverages.
  • Kept track of all vendors names, contact information, booth number, payment status, number of chairs and tables needed, power supply needs, and any other special needs for each vendor.
  • Solicited for volunteers to help at the event.
  • Arranged for special public speakers and wellness skills demonstrations at the same event.
  • Arranged for prize draws at the event based on contributions from various vendors.
  • Dealt with vendor complaints.
  • Answered emails, calls and inquiries about the event from vendors and the public.
  • Created feedback survey for vendors to rate their experience at event and suggest and changes.

Wedding package: $600.00

  • Personal consultations prior to the wedding
  • Bride and/or grooms home photos in preparing for the event
  • Wedding ceremony photos
  • Reception photos
  • Retouching and added effects for photos
  • USB stick including hi resolution images, and/or video from the day. For images that also look nice in black and white, both versions will be available.

For events outside the city of Fredericton, NB, additional gas money may be added to the final price

Portrait Photography: $50 - $100

- Pet photography: $50 / session
- Event photography: $100 / day
- Family portraits: $100 / session